Here come the 2013 Coastal Stewards!

Coastal Stewards

2013 Coastal Stewards

ARLO HEMPHILL | 25 June 2013

Each summer, the Maryland Coastal Bays Program sponsors a group of promising young people from local communities to work with our team in helping to promote environmental stewardship, community outreach and an appreciation of local history, culture and environment. This year’s class of “Coastal Stewards” began work this week and off to an enthusiastic start in making our Coastal Bays a better place to live, work, play and protect wildlife.

Coastal Stewards contribute in a variety of ways; from working on Assateague Island National Seashore as interpreters for visitors to helping band brown pelicans in the Chesapeake Bay.  They are involved in almost every facet of the environmental field and have opportunities to meet with local, state and national leaders such as the Governor and Attorney General of Maryland, as well as directors and supervisors at the national EPA headquarters. They assist with research and studies done on brown pelicans, seabeach ammaranth, and other local wildlife with the Department of Natural Resources, the National Park Service and MCBP Staff. They also attend local and statewide events to inform visitors and residents about local wildlife around the Delmarva Peninsula such as the blue crab, whelks and horseshoe crabs.

We’d like for you to join us in welcoming and congratulating the 2013 Coastal Stewards.

This year’s Coastal Stewards crew includes Trevon Johnson, Supreme Green, Julio Richardson, Omar Alvi, Ashley Orr, Tashonna Grant, Chelsea Lawson, Amy Cooper, Myia Tariq, Alison Alvarado, Chris Parks, Jamal Alvi, Na’Bria Bonneville, Jeremiah Purnell, and Isaiah Morris.

You can follow the Coastal Stewards on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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