Thousands to Toast the Coast Nationwide Sept. 28, 2013

toasting-wine-glass Maryland Coastal Bays

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program is asking residents of Worcester County to join in a nationwide “Toast the Coast” on Sept. 28 in celebration of the 25th annual National Estuaries Day.

“The toast is a simple gesture to show your appreciation for our beautiful coastal bays.” says Dave Wilson, executive director of the MCBP.  “It’s a way for local residents to join with people from all around the county in showing support for rivers and bays, just by raising a glass”.

Following our 3rd annual International Coastal Clean-up, the Coastal Bays crew will be at Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon on 28th street to celebrate National Estuary Day by raising our glasses for a symbolic ‘toast’ to our estuaries nationwide. Those who cannot attend are invited to share pictures of their own toasts honoring clean rivers and bays online at or e-mail them to They will be joined by thousands of individuals and organizations around the country celebrating with toasts and other National Estuaries Day events.

Nationwide, approximately 110 million people, or more than half of all Americans, live near an estuary and enjoy the many benefits estuaries provide.  These benefits include jobs in industries like agriculture, commercial fishing, power generation, tourism, shipping, and even brewing and winemaking.  According to the nonprofit Restore America’s Estuaries, coastal counties provide more than half the nation’s gross domestic product and support more than 69 million jobs, or about 40% of U.S. employment.

Use the hashtag #ToastTheCoast when tweeting about your toast!


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